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Any Regular, Senior or Special Limited Member may sponsor an Applicant. Non-resident members may not sponsor or second; their uncertain status may prevent them from fulfilling their responsibilities, such as helping integrate the new member into the Club.

A Sponsor is expected to maintain an ongoing relationship with the Applicant. Indeed, the Sponsor should act to introduce the Applicant to the Club and its members by inviting the Applicant as a guest to various Club activities.

The Sponsor will be asked to reaffirm his sponsorship and support of the Applicant prior to final Board approval, and at that time the Sponsor must be a continuing member in good standing.

An Applicant who loses his Sponsor, due to either resignation or the Sponsor becoming a non-resident member, will not be penalized. In either instance, one of the two Seconders will be asked to become the new Sponsor. A replacement Seconder will not be required.

Should an Applicant lose his Sponsor and both Seconders, he will be requested to find a new Sponsor. However, the Applicant will not be penalized as to his position on the prospective member waiting list