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A completed application consists of 5 elements:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Completed Sponsor’s confidential questionnaire
  3. Two Seconder’s questionnaires
  4. Application Fee
  5. Envelope, stamped and self-addressed by Applicant

The Sponsor is responsible for giving the Membership Chairperson a complete package. An application is not complete until all elements have been received.

When a completed application is physically received by the Membership Chairperson, it is LOGGED-IN. Dates on the application form, Sponsor’s letter, seconding forms or letters, payment checks, or postmarks will not alter the LOG-IN date as established by the Membership Chairperson. Receipt by any Club Member, Board Member, or Club Officer other than the Membership Chairperson does not establish a LOG-IN of the application. The Membership Chairperson will send a confirmation card to the Applicant.