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A member may reserve the Clubhouse and three paddle courts for private paddle parties on Friday and Saturday nights (up to two times) from October 1st until mid-April. A $300 fee will be charged for use of the Clubhouse. No additional guest fee will be charged. This fee will be charged to the member who makes the reservation and the charge will appear on your Club bill. The charge cannot be split among members. The Clubhouse will be opened for you at 6:30pm and must be vacated by 10pm. You are responsible for cleanup and any damage that occurs. Contact to reserve the Clubhouse and courts for private paddle parties.

Members may also reserve just the Clubhouse for private parties not involving paddle for $200. Members may schedule these Clubhouse-only parties anytime the Clubhouse is not in use for paddle events. If members wish to reserve Clubhouse-only parties during the Fri/Sat evening 7-10pm paddle party time slot, they may only book their party 2 1/2 weeks before the desired date. Contact to reserve private parties.