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Once the completed application has been received by the Membership Chairperson, Board approval of the application becomes a two-step process.

The first step is publication of the Applicant’s name in the Club newsletter. A 30-day comment period on the acceptability of an Applicant begins with publication. The 30-day period begins when the Membership Chairperson receives his copy of the newsletter through the mail.

The Applicant will be presented to the Board at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting, following completion of the 30-day period. The 30-day period may not be shortened by the Board. If no negative comments are received by the Board, the Applicant will be placed at the bottom of the prospective member waiting list. Applicants will be presented in the order that completed applications were received by the Membership Chairperson.

The second step of the process occurs when a Bond membership opening occurs. The applicant at the top of the waiting list will then be presented to the Board for final membership approval.