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2017 MSX Season Court with a Pro

2017 MSX Season Court with a Pro Mon May 15 – Aug 25

Want to keep your doubles game sharp, fun, and at a high level of competition? Have your fourth person be the pro! You will play with the pro and there will be discussions about strategy, playing the score appropriately, court positioning, and shot selection. Let us know your convenient day and time and a pro will be there. (Non-family groups of no less than 3 players)

Cost: 1 1/2 hours for 6 weeks: $250     1 1/2 hours for 10 weeks: $410

* Reservations for all clinics are strongly recommended. Although we will try our best to accommodate last-minute arrivals without reservations, please note that space is limited and we cannot make any guarantees. A $3.00 “drop-in surcharge” will be applied if a reservation has not been made at least 24 hours in advance. No cancellations will be honored without 24-hour notice.

To sign up for this or any other Middlesex Tennis Program, please email BE SURE TO INCLUDE PARTICIPANT’S NAME, AGE (IF A CHILD), PROGRAM, FAMILY BOND #, AND DATE(S.