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June 19–August 4

The pro staff will be organizing ladder challenge competition at the start of the season. There will be challenge matches every week in order to determine positions for 17 and under, 14 and under, 12 and under, and 10 and under. You may challenge anyone on the ladder at the start of the season, and then you can only challenge two spots up every week. In the event a junior wants to challenge his or her fellow teammates, he or she must let a member of the staff know prior to play. Failure to show up for a challenge match will result in a forfeit. Each member of the ladder may only be challenged one time per week unless he or she participates in multiple age categories. All challenge matches must be set up one day in advance to insure court availability. There will be awards given to first, second, and third place at the completion of the ladder competition. If you have any questions about the ladder please stop by the pro shop.