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Paddle Tennis Court Rules

  1. The court lights must go off at 10:00 PM sharp.  THIS IS A LEGAL CURFEW IMPOSED BY THE ZONING AUTHORITIES.  Please turn off lights when you finish, unless someone is waiting to play.
  2. Adult players (18 years and older) have preference on all courts on weekdays after 6:00 PM and all day Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. (Adults may have a junior as a partner.)
  3. Exhibitions, tournaments, inter-club matches, scrambles, and special events have priority use of all courts, at the discretion of the paddle Chairperson.  Ladder matches do not have special priority.
  4. All players must wear sneakers.
  5. All matches played with non-members, other than Club-sponsored play, will be subject to Guest Fees.  See website for details on registering guests.  The limit for any guest is five (5) times per season regardless of the number of members introducing him.  
  6. Reservations: Players can reserve courts at  Website registration required – just follow directions.  A member may reserve one court in ½ hour increments up to a maximum of 1 1/2 hours. Play on all courts can continue beyond the reservation period if no one is waiting to play.  Reservations will be forfeited if players do not arrive by 5 minutes after the reserved time.  Courts may be reserved no more than 1 week in advance.
  7. A member may reserve the Clubhouse for private paddle parties on Friday and Saturday nights (up to two times) from October 1st  until March 31st.  A fee will be charged for use of the Clubhouse.  No additional guest fee will be charged. This fee will be charged to the member who makes the reservation and the charge will appear on your Club bill. The charge cannot be split among members. The Clubhouse will be opened for you at 6:30 PM and must be vacated by 10:00 PM. You are responsible for cleanup and any damage that occurs. Only three courts can be reserved (other members of your party can’t reserve the fourth court). Contact for party reservations and details.
July 17th - Water Polo's match and pizza party are cancelled due to impending storms. Stay tuned for reschedule date.