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Detailed camp registration information can be found by clicking here.

Please make sure that you fill out all of the forms required. No child will be allowed at camp without completing all forms, including the medical form. If you wish to have sunscreen re-applied to your child during camp, please fill out the form on the website and send it in. You must provide the spray sunscreen – please label it and leave it in your child’s bag. 

Every day children will need their swim suits, towels and a change of clothing. Juniors and Pee-Wee campers will have swim lessons at least 3 times a week. Children will be placed in groups depending on their swim level. Seniors will have free swim time in the pool daily.

Please label all of your child’s clothing and towels.

You will need to sign your child in and out every day; if there is any change of pick up, you will need to let us know at drop off.

Seniors will have tennis on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the Juniors will have tennis on Fridays. Please have your child bring in tennis whites, tennis shoes, and a racket (if they have one). There are rackets to borrow if your child doesn’t have one or forgets theirs.

Juniors and Seniors will have paddle on Mondays. Make sure your child has sneakers with them and bring a paddle racket if they have one. Loaner paddle rackets are also available

All Seniors and Juniors will be staying for lunch. Lunch may be bought at camp or brought from home as a packed lunch. A menu will be posted on the website and also on the camp board outside of the lady’s changing room. There will be a different lunch option each day with a hot dog as an alternative, served with fruit or vegetables each day. There will be a sign-up sheet to buy lunch each day next to where you will sign in. The counselors will help you if you have any questions. Please remind your child if they are coming from early morning swim practice to sign up. Lunches from home will be placed in the camp fridge every morning.  We have children with severe nut allergies, so please label anything that contains any form of nuts so that we can make sure that the children with allergies stay safely away. We recommend lunches in a brown bag if possible. 

Snack and water will be provided each day for your child.

The bulletin board near the front desk contains camp information, photos, menus and any other information pertaining to the camp. In addition, updates will be emailed to camp families throughout the summer with details on the week’s events.

So far we have Animal Embassy coming June 27th and July 11th.

Counselors’ bios will be posted in the camp section of the website in the coming months. 

We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer!

Warm regards,

Sarah Grant Ludwig, Camp Director
Lisa Cruikshank and Julie Sweeney, Camp Co-Chairs